Intimate Reading

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I'm available to do personal readings at parties, corporate events, trade shows, weddings, and other special events where quality entertainment is needed.  I also do demonstrations of mind reading and mentalism.





Everyone loves a personal reading.


Palm Readings

Lenormand Card Readings

Playing Card Readings

Kadar Readings

Pendulum work


... and more!


Because I do many different things, people have a choice of reading types, and they love that.  If they have no preference, I help guide them to what will be most entertaining for them.  Everyone has a good time.





Let's Have A Psychic Party!









A Psychic party is great fun anytime of the year.  First, we usually start out doing a few readings, maybe palms.  Then we do something "creepy" by candlelight.  One of several great theme party shows I do.  You and your guests will love it.  Finally, we finish up with longer, more in depth readings for you and your guests.  Perfect for a dinner party or casual get together!


Everyone has a great time and usually, once you have one, another guest wants to do it at their home next!


If you're planning a party, wedding, corporate, or special event, please consider fun, personal readings, or a fun psychic show, as a way to entertain your guests and add to the fun.


For more information email: or call

888-616-6591 National Toll Free Voice Mail


Thank you!



Psychic Entertainment from Sal Cioppa on Vimeo.